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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Caleb Gastelum Awarded Scholarship After Performance In First Two Games

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Wesley Hitt

The Oklahoma Sooners came into the season knowing that Frank Shannon's season was in jeopardy thanks to a university investigation. Although the returning leading tackler has been spotted on the sideline, Shannon has yet to see game time. The news gave way to a new starter who flashed potential during the past season but had big shows to fill.

Throughout the first two games, Jordan Evans has yet to complete a game. Against La Tech, the talented linebacker received an ejection due to the targeting rule. Even though the Big XII went on record saying Evans did noting wrong, he still missed three quarters of play. Fast forward to the game against Tulsa in which Evans was removed due to injury.

The option the Sooner staff turned to was walk-on Caleb Gastelum. Currently, the senior is leading Oklahoma in tackles with 11 (two for loss) on the season and has recorded a interception. His on the field performance has earned him a scholarship!