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Week 3 | Oregon Ducks Jump Alabama Crimson Tide In AP Poll

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Joe Robbins

As much as some fans hate to admit, these polls will likely indirectly influence the selection committee of the newly installed College Football Playoff system. Now that the disclaimer has been thrown out there, let's get to the rankings.

Ranking AP Coaches
1 Florida State (38) Florida State (51)
2 Oregon (16) Alabama (1)
3 Alabama (1) Oklahoma (3)
4 Oklahoma (2) Oregon (6)
5 Auburn Auburn
6 Georgia (1) Georgia (1)
7 Texas A&M (2) Baylor
8 Baylor Texas A&M
11 Notre Dame Notre Dame
13 Michigan State Michigan State
14 Ole Miss Arizona State
15 Stanford Ole Miss
16 Arizona State Stanford
17 Virginia Tech Wisconsin
18 Wisconsin Ohio State
19 Kansas State Virginia Tech
20 Missouri Kansas State
21 Louisville Nebraska
22 Ohio State Missouri
23 Clemson South Carolina
24 South Carolina Clemson
25 BYU North Carolina

At A Glance

  • Oregon's win in the first match-up between top 10 opponents gives them an edge in voters minds. The result is a jump over the Alabama Crimson Tide as well as gaining a handful of first place votes. I think it is safe to say this is the best team in the PAC-12 hands down.
  • The Texas A&M Aggies continue to look the part as their stock soared with a 70 point win over Lamar. Can this program become a traditional power mentioned in the same breath as Alabama, LSU, and Georgia? If the spread continues to terrorize these "vaunted" SEC defenses, I'd have to say yes.
  • The Virginia Tech Hokies took the nation by storm after dominating a highly touted Ohio St. Buckeyes squad. The impressive win moves them inside the top 20. Needless to say, the Big 10 is not looking good at this point of the season.
  • In recent years, the top of the PAC-12 has struggled with an attack like the Stanford Cardinal brings. Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case as USC squeaked out a 3 point win on the road. Fans should be excited that this program seems to be headed in the right direction after a fall from grace.
  • BYU deserves to be in the discussion even with the coaches after Taysom Hill ignited the Cougar offense to nearly single-handedly defeat the Texas Longhorns. Is he the best player in college football? Fact remains Hill made all the right decisions on Saturday but needs to remain consistent. Maybe, just maybe, the Big 12 will consider adding them to the conference!