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Ranting And Raving | What Tulsa Fans Are Saying About Their 52-7 Loss To Oklahoma

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The odds were stacked against Tulsa from the get go. The Golden Hurricane were downright awful against the run and the Sooners had a trio of feature backs. Tulsa was a 25 point underdog and Oklahoma needed to keep their foot on the throttle in order to prove some things in their passing game. It was bad from start to finish for Tulsa and yet their fans stayed with them throughout the game...not in the stands though.

For this week's Ranting and Raving post we found the Tulsa Rivals message board Here's what the Golden Hurricane faithful had to say about the game.

In their "Game Thread" post you gotta love the ignorance right off the bat.

"Why is OU wearing their red hemets instead of white? I thought that was their away uniform." - TU 1978

Then the game actually started and...well...we already know how that went.

"3 plays and 57 seconds. Not a good start" - loca2874

"i fkkkkkkkking hate this game

Please never play OU again. Its a no win situation. We will never beat them and its embarassing to the fan base, the media, recruits...everything." - panicstriken

"Agree with Panic...I dread playing OU.

I'm sure financially TU will keep playing them...However, no part of the game is typically pleasant.

I'll try to remember the TU win in '96 during my senior year at TU." - hotter...bandTU

"Who is #28 on the Cane defense?  He has no business trying to cover the slot. Looks like to me Coach Guy's scheme is a complete mess." - texcane1982

You guys remember the Dane Evans fumble that led to the called back Jordan Phillips touchdown, right? Well, Tulsa fans won't soon forget it either.

"BONEHEAD...Miss an easy, easy,easy,easy wide open slant for 6 Pts.  Then BONEHEAD !!!! Just compete !" - canefa...erhome

"Should be 24-7 but Dane throws the ball behind a WIDE OPEN Garrett at the goal line, then football follies breakout.

What a joke.

Playing OU is not the problem, not playing sound fundamental football and coming up with a scheme to subsidize the mismatches is the problem." - texcane1982

"as a Tulsa fan this is very hard to watch.
But remember , OU will be on of the four teams in the final four." - aTUfan

"We are a bad football team. By that I mean bottom 20 of D1. I'm really ready to move on to Burgess at QB. We are just not going to be competitive with skater dude." - TULOYAL

"TU's defense has a lot of work to do, they look fundamentally terrible.  However, IMO this team has a chance to be competitive in what appears to be a very questionable AAC, because of a dramatically improved offense. As bad as TU has looked today, the offense has moved the ball on a very good OU defense,

Aside from ECU and UCF, and possibly Cin (has not played a game), no one else in this league appears to be head and shoulders above TU in terms of talent.

A fourth place finish in this league lands you in a bowl game." - texcane1982

It's still very early in the season but through two games the Sooners have very much looked the part of a Top 4 team. The thing that I like the most about perusing through the opponent message boards is that it isn't just Oklahoma fans who feel that way.

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