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Week 6 Polls | Florida St. Seminoles Slipping In Coaches' Poll

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The Big XII adds two programs to the rankings giving them a total of five ranked teams.

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First the first time this season, the coaches have crowned a new No. 1 team in the land. After a lackluster performance against NC State (not to mention Oklahoma St. and Clemson), Florida St. finds themselves slipping down to the No. 2 spot while Alabama takes over at the top.

AP Coaches
1 Florida State Alabama
2 Oregon Florida State
3 Alabama Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma Oregon
5 Auburn Auburn
6 Texas A&M Baylor
7 Baylor Texas A&M
8 UCLA Notre Dame
9 Notre Dame UCLA
10 Michigan State Michigan State
11 Ole Miss Ole Miss
12 Mississippi State Georgia
13 Georgia Stanford
14 Stanford Mississippi State
16 USC Wisconsin
17 Wisconsin Nebraska
18 BYU Ohio State
19 Nebraska BYU
20 Ohio State USC
21 Oklahoma State East Carolina
22 East Carolina Kansas State
23 Kansas State Oklahoma State
24 Missouri Arizona State


  • Although the Alabama Crimson Tide (15) have taken over the top spot in the Coaches' Poll, they lack the first place votes that the Florida St. Seminoles (26) continue to hold. In fact, the Oklahoma Sooners (14) are just behind Bama in first place votes but can't seem to edge out either team in total points to move up the chain. But, FSU still holds the title of defending National Champions and that cannot be discredited.
  • The South Carolina Gamecocks have been dropped from the rankings after their second loss of the season...maybe the SEC isn't as strong as some might like to suggest. Following suit, the Duke Blue Devils are no where to be found while two Big XII schools take their place in the Coaches' Poll in Oklahoma St. and TCU.
  • Making the biggest move downward after sliding 12 spots we find Arizona St. at No. 24.
  • A quick assessment says the top three teams in the Coaches' Poll are interchangeable at this point of the season. The No. 1 spot and No. 3 spot are separated by a mere 35 points.