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Friday Locks | Looks Like Texas A&M Is Our Flavor Of The Week

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We strongly feel that the Aggies will handle business against the Hogs.

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After an upswing last weekend, we seem to have found our stride in the Friday Locks. Well...most of us seem to have found our stride. Here's how we're feeling about this weekend's games.


Last Week











St. Sooner




Texas A&M (-8.5) vs Arkansas - The Aggies have proved they can get by with the likes of Evans & Manziel as a new face has emerged to lead the offense. Kenny Hill is the new face of A&M as the program makes a push for an SEC Championship. I'm taking them to cover the spread over Arky with ease.

Purdue (+10) vs Iowa - Is this game truly a rivalry? That may be up for debate but traditionally, Iowa has been better than their counterpart. Although there is no trophy at stake here, I'm not certain Iowa covers the spread after watching them lose to Iowa St. So, give me Purdue and the points this go around.

Texas (-13.5) vs Kansas - Apparently, Tyrone Swoopes thinks the Longhorns can still make the college playoff with two losses. Regardless, there is a clear talent discrepancy between these two schools. Texas covers just barely when it's all said and done because of their running backs.


NC State (+18.5) vs. Florida State - FSU will win, but won't cover as this game will be close throughout. FSU looks like one of the weakest defending national champions that I have seen in a while. 

A&M (-9.5) vs. Arkansas - A&M won't be able to stop the Hogs run offense, but they will be able to outscore them. I would love to be wrong with this pick, but just don't see the Hogs being able to keep up with the fast, up-tempo Aggie offense. 

Washington St (+13) at Utah - First, Utah beating Michigan isn't really that big of deal.  Second, we are one terrible non pass interference call in the Oregon/Wash St. game away from what could have easily resulted in the fighting Mike Leach's knocking off the Oregon Ducks. I like Wash St. to win this game.

Saint Sooner

Gimme UTAH (-13) over Washington State -  Because, seriously, have you ever been to Pullman?

With great regret, I'm also going to take FLORIDA STATE (-18.5) over N.C. State.  I vacillated a good long time on this one, I just get the feeling that "Crab Legs" Jameis is going to play lights-out after his latest public relations kerfuffle.  (And people say Joe Biden makes gaffes?)

Because I'm eschewing upsets this week, I'm also gonna take KENTUCKY (-17) over Vandy.  The Wildcats pushed Muschamp's Crocodilians to the brink.  (Fun Fact about the American alligator from Wikipedia: "Although alligators have no vocal cords, both males and females bellow loudly to attract mates and declare territory by sucking air into their lungs and blowing it out in intermittent, deep-toned roars.... Male alligators are known to use infrasound during mating bellows.")  Vandy has been downright awful.  And hey, a football weekend without a Stoops Brothers victory might as well be baseball season.


UTEP (+27) at Kansas State - The Wildcats went toe-to-toe with the defending SEC champions last week and actually dropped a game that they should have won. I'm looking for a bit of a letdown performance this week. Not at all saying that the Miners are going to come away with the win, but I do believe that they'll keep it within four touchdowns.

Texas A&M (-9.5) vs. Arkansas - Man, I hate to jump in here on the Aggies bandwagon but they've been a machine against the spread. The Hogs are much improved on offense from 2013 and will pose the biggest threat to the A&M defense to this point of the season. Aggies still cover though.

Baylor (-21) at Iowa State - The Bears have the nation's top scoring offense (59.3 PPG) and the second ranked scoring defense (9 PPG). The Cyclones get the game at home but that's about the only thing they'll have going for them.

Think you can pick better that us?  Sound off in the comments section below. Friday Locks is sponsored by Totally Tickets. For your OU football tickets make sure to check out Totally Tickets.