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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | Recruits React to Tennessee Weekend

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Neville Gallimore in Action
Neville Gallimore in Action
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The Sooners have already received two verbal commits from this weekend in Will Sunderland and Jamal Danley. This weekend however went a long way to solidifying the Sooners at or near the top of their list during this weekend. Like usual the recruits took to twitter to let the world know how much they enjoyed the weekend in Norman. Here is a sampling of what was tweeted throughout the weekend.

1. Keisean Lucier-South

It sounds as if the Sooners made a huge impression on Lucier-South. Coming into the visit the Sooners might have been on the outside looking in. The main competition for Lucier-South will be UCLA. The best case for the Sooners will be a sub-par to average season for the Bruins and for the Sooners to continue to play inspired defense.

2. Neville Gallimore

Gallimore by all accounts had a great visit. It would be hard to see the Sooners anywhere but at the top of his list.

3. Cassius Peat

The Sooners will have to continue to work for Peat. He has visits left to A&M and the hometown Sun Devils.