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Non-helmet stickers for the Tennessee game

(I couldn't figure out how to incorporate these into the bulletpoints.)


Helmet stickers are for suckers.  It’s the vanity plates of college football.  So instead of awarding helmet stickers to various players, I’ll award SaintSooner Nicknames based upon their performances.

Chuka Ndulue: "It’s Short For Chewbacca."

Ahmad Thomas covering Smith on Tennessee’s touchdown: "Nowhere Man."

Keith Ford on his touchdown run: "Bullet," because he was surrounded on all sides by an impenetrable cylinder.

Quentin Hayes all game long: "Big Game Hunter."  Seriously, this guy was my vote for defensive player of the game, and not just because of the sack/fumble/recovery.

Zack Sanchez: "Richard."  The dude was either Richard Sherman or Richard Nixon.

Jordan Phillips: "Dancing With the Stars Winner of 2026."

Samaje Perine: "Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em."

Sterling Shepard: "The Weeping Angel."  (Don’t blink.  Don’t even blink.  Blink, and you’re dead.  Good luck.)

Michael Hunnicutt: "Keyshawn."  (In honor of Keyshawn Johnson, who famously said "Just Give Me the Damn Ball."  Even Stoops admitted he should have just let the kid kick the 52-yarder.)

Mike Stoops: "Dead Bug On the Highway."  Because he didn’t account for the screen.