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Monday Morning Bulletpoints -- 9/15/14

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Brought to you by the makers of DuckVision(tm)

Brett Deering

  • Happy Monday, Sooners fans! Don’t they always feel just a little bit nicer after a win?
  • Let’s just get this straight right now: Bob Stoops is not obsessed with the SEC. The national sports media is obsessed with having Bob Stoops obsessed with the SEC. Everybody got it? Are we good here?
  • One thing I’ve noticed about our young wide receivers that kind of perplexes me: their ball-catching seems questionable, but their downfield blocking for the most part has looked really good.
  • First person who says the words "Cleveland Browns" or "Saints defense" to me today gets punched in the nose through their computer screen.
  • Onikuno and HolaKyle are fun YouTube subscriptions for Sooners fans, but another guy I really enjoy watching is Theousooner56. He’s less of a fanboy and puts a lot of work into his commentaries. If subscribing to YouTube vids about OU is your thing, he comes recommended by me.
  • The internet can be a dangerous jungle. I actually saw an Oregon fan, wishing luck to a Tennessee fan, say that he couldn’t stand Oklahoma because "They’ve been insufferable ever since we beat them in 2006." This led me to think that there might be a health issue among Sooners fans that I can help with....
  • ANNOUNCER VOICE: "Sooners, do you or a Sooners fan you know suffer from dangerously low blood pressure? Good news! Now there’s DuckVision! Just show your Sooners friend DuckVision, and he’ll have the blood pressure of a two-pack-a-day smoker on amphetamines within five minutes!"
  • (DuckVision is not intended for children under the age of thirteen. Side effects may include uncontrollable screaming, broken televisions, frightened pets, Tourette’s Syndrome, and dry mouth. Pac-12 fans should not take DuckVision as it may lead to sudden, irreversible blindness. Ask your doctor if DuckVision is right for you.)
  • Can anybody give me a better idea of what exactly Jay Norvell’s co-offensive coordinator duties are? How is he a co-coordinator and not just a positions coach?
  • The Oklahoman’s Jason Kersey had a little blurb recap that used… wait for it… bulletpoints. Dude’s crampin’ my style, yo.
  • 5 penalties for 41 yards. Not atrocious, but certainly not good. What was atrocious, however, was the nature and timing of those penalties. There are no windows in Stoops’s doghouse, and the food is lousy.
  • Nifty little poll: Bob Stoops was tied for first place amongst coaches as the coach they’d like their son to play for. That’s certainly an honor, but if I had a son, he’d be no higher than fourth place (behind the coaches of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford). (Unless there isn’t a scholarship offer, in which case I’d like my hypothetical son to play for the coach of Cheap Willie’s Discount Ejukashun Barn.)
  • Remember that whole kerfuffle in the third quarter where we ended up burning our last two timeouts on a 4th down play that went nowhere? Some of the poorest game-management I’ve seen from a Stoops-coached Oklahoma squad. Fortunately that’s been rare for the past sixteen years.
  • Next up are the West Virginia Mountaineers. Their football program began on November 28th, 1891, with a 72-0 loss to Washington & Jefferson in a game played on a converted cow pasture. Their program hasn’t been quite so full of BS since, as Bobby Bowden was their coach from 1970-75. Our last trip to Morgantown was a game we frankly didn’t deserve to win, as Tavon Austin set out to prove he could make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. As a Big East convert, I feel a little bad for WVA because they had a great rivalry with Pitt that has been abandoned. As gracious Midwesterners, I think we owe it to West Virginia to give them a new conference rival. Who should it be?
  • Non-football OU link of the week: The Sam Noble Museum does cool stuff.
  • Peace and love, Sooners fans.  If you're in the Mountain or Pacific timezones, this actually came out in the morning....