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That's A Wrap | Oklahoma Sooners 34 - Tennessee Volunteers 10

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Yes the offense was sloppy. Yes the Sooners still have not proven they can run the ball against solid competition. However, it's hard not to be happy with a 34-10 victory where outside of a few moments OU was in complete control of the game.

Here are some quick post game thoughts

1. Trevor Knight at times plays like an All Big 12 QB, at other times he lock onto receivers and makes poor decisions. The good thing is that the good is far outweighing the bad.

2. The interior offensive line push must get better.

3. Sterling Shepard is an outstanding football player, but he scares me every time he goes back to return punts

4. Keith Ford is the best of the 3 running backs.

5. Jordan Evans is on his way to becoming a really really good football player

6. Blake Bell overall played good, but his false start was at the worst possible time.

7. Enjoy Eric Striker. His play on the field is unbelievable. Worley will have nightmares of him coming off the edge for months.

8. Jordan Phillips has some pretty decent dance moves

9. Felt bad that Trevor Knight left Durron Neal out to dry at the end of the game.

10. Julian Wilson celebrates pass break-ups and passes defended like no player I've ever seen.

11. Wilson was tired, but he almost made a bone headed play. Please hold onto the ball.

12. If Zach Sanchez can learn how to tackle, he has potential to be elite.

13. Quentin Hayes has quietly become a rock steady player in the secondary. Quite the turn of events from last year.

14. Torrea Peterson made several plays. Good that he has earned his way back into some playing time.

15. Jordan Phillips is quietly becoming a 1st round draft pick.

16. Bob Stoops seemed to be walking with a limp.

17. The Sooners defense is stifling.

We will have much more in the way of coverage and recaps, but for now this is the place to leave your postgame comments.