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Monday Morning Bulletpoints – 9/1/14

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Happy Labor Day!

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  • Matt and Rich’s podcast was worth a listen. The interesting take about it is that how not-interesting it was (and that’s interesting). I say that because they spent a good bit of time talking about the many several players on the Sooners defense that didn’t record big box scores because they didn’t have to. Zach Sanchez was the best statistical player we had? Yeah, we’d like our opponents to think that.
  • "We had a quarterback making his first collegiate start," Louisiana Tech coach Skip Holtz said. "I thought it showed early. I thought he was a little bit nervous, very uncharacteristic of the way he's played in camp. He missed some open receivers." -- LeTech Skip Holtz
  • A buddy of mine once wanted to open a donut and beer joint and call it Drunkin’ Donuts.
  • A formation we saw early and often – Knight in the pistol, one on each side, one behind. The diamond? The triangle? What do you call this formation? That said, I don’t really care what you call it, I care more about what Texas’ defensive coordinator calls it.
  • I think we’ll see Trevor slide again against Tulsa. I don’t think Oklahoma State should count on it. I’m not one for predictions, but the young man has a potential for 30+ yd. touchdown runs.
  • HOW ABOUT THEM SPECIAL TEAMS? Do you remember not too long ago when this was the bad part of our game? Blocked punt, blocked extra kick, 80 yd. KO return. Matt or Rich, do you want to look up old quotes from commenters saying that they want to have OU hire a special teams coach?
  • Pick one #1. What’s the game that Oklahoma will lose if someone puts a gun to your head?
  • Baylor beat SMU 45-0. The 0 is the important part, not the injury to Heisman candidate Brice Petty. (He is expected back.)
  • OU’s next opponent is the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. As a former New Orleanian, I was curious about why Tulsa, of all places, would choose to make "Hurricane" a mascot. Wiki tells me: Before adopting the name Golden Hurricane in 1922, the University of Tulsa (TU) had many unofficial team nicknames including Kendallites (from TU's predecessor institution Henry Kendall College), Presbyterians (from the university's founding by the Presbyterian Church), Tulsans, Tigers, Orange and Black and Yellow Jackets. The name "Golden Tornadoes" was chosen by TU football coach H.M. Archer (1922–24) based on new gold and black uniforms (rather than the previous orange and black) and a remark made during practice of the team "roaring through opponents" (during a season when TU went undefeated, including wins over Texas A&M and the University of Arkansas). However, it was quickly discovered that the same name had been chosen in 1917 by Georgia Tech. Archer then substituted the term "hurricane" for "tornado" and a team vote….
  • That said, they are godawful, and we should beat them until our fans ask to put on pads.
  • Pick one #2:  Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, Taco Mayo.
  • How soon will it be until we see some news outlet refer to Tulsa as a "Trap Game."  I'm looking forward to the Tennessee game as much as anyone.  (Actually, I'm not, I'm travelling that weekend, but you feel me.)  But we've got Tennessee playing for "SEC - SEC - SEC" pride, and we've just got to make it through... oh, Tulsa.  The entire Southeastern Conference is counting upon you to make us look bad on national television regional broadcasting.  You won't.
  • I don't know as I've ever seen a Bob Stoops team lose in a "trap game."  I think the concept is media bull and you should laugh at it.  Even if we fail to cover the spread.