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Is Oklahoma Sooners Linebacker Frank Shannon's Career In Jeopardy?

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Is Frank Shannon's football career at Oklahoma in jeopardy? The short and immediate answer is, yes, it absolutely is. The question at hand though is what are the chances of him being dismissed?

As reported by the DOK's Jason Kersey late Tuesday evening, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn will not file charges against Shannon for an alleged sexual assault due to a lack of evidence and a desire from the alleged victim to not see charges pressed.

Thinking that should be an end to the issue, Shannon participated in Oklahoma's Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday and had been with the team until Tuesday. He was noticeably missing from practice on Tuesday morning as the media was told he and Jordan Evans were out with the flu. Problem was, Evans was at the practice in street clothes and Shannon was not there.

Perhaps Shannon really was do in by the flu and unable to get out of bed, thus missing practice, but it would be a strange coincidence that he is also under an appeals process that will determine his future at the university. According to Kersey's report in The Oklahoman, the appeals process is headed by the university and is conducting its own investigation of the alleged January incident.

Based on the findings from the investigation a decision will be made, by the school, in regards to Shannon's future.

A redshirt junior, Shannon had 92 total tackles in 2013, including seven in the Sugar Bowl. His absence would leave a significant hole in a linebacker corps that is slated to be one of the best in the conference, if not the nation. It wouldn't be a loss that Oklahoma couldn't overcome (they are deep at linebacker) but it certainly isn't a loss they want to experience.