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Ranting And Raving | What Louisiana Tech Fans Are Saying About The 48-16 Loss To Oklahoma

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Here's what Louisiana Tech fans were saying following their season opening loss to Oklahoma

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The college football season comes with such anticipation and high expectations. Then your team takes the field for the first time and the cold sense of reality hits in. It isn't that your squad loses but they lose bad. Oklahoma State, Virginia, and West Virginia were all unranked teams playing against the the Top 10. They walked off the field on the losing end of the scoreboard but were able to keep their chins up due to the way they played their opponents. You don't really get the sense that same feeling applies to Louisiana Tech fans after their 48-16 loss at Oklahoma on Saturday night.

We decided to cruise on over to Bulldog Barks & Bytes to check the pulse of the Louisiana Tech faithful and there wasn't a whole lot of positive to be found.

Under the thread, "Guys, we may not win a game this year," we found the following nuggets.

"This may be the WORST LaTech football team I have seen in a while. 

We MAY be able to beat NWSU. This team and our coaching staff are PATHETIC.

UL-L and NT are licking their chips waiting in us to come to their place. Huge fundamental problems with our on the field product.....and they won't be corrected with Holtz as the coach. 

Thank The Lord for Dixon." - faninmonroe

"I don't see anything on the field that resembles Tech football. We put up more fight in 1987 and 1988. The players and coaches don't seem to get it." - cscollis

"92 total yards midway thru the 3rd quarter......Nice! Gonna be a loooooooooooong year, is it Basketball season yet?" - LaTechRandy

It didn't take too long after the game's conclusion to get a "Fire Holtz" thread up. Here's what the creator of the thread had to say.

"Just get it over with. Let Peterson and Diaz co-interim through the rest of the year. Holtz's apathy is a cancer, spreading even down into our dwindling fan base". - jonathanbowden

There were some fans who tried to find some positives from the loss. There was even a thread titled, "The Positives" and it almost worked.

"Come off the ledge guys, we are not close to a Top 5 team and it showed. They were much, much better than us,( like that kind of team always is) and we all predicted this kind of outcome. It's tough to watch it happen, but everyone in the country knew it was going to happen."  - T1

"You are correct. The only other team the Dogs will face with that kind of talent is Auburn. We will see how playing someone this well prepares us for our league schedule the rest of the way." - tabnlu

"Why does this thread feel like people are OKAY with us settling for average at best? The POSITIVES?! You're really taking a large bag of limes and trying to make lemonade here. I mean how bad does it have to get for some of you to realize that it's BAD??? Yes, this was a top 5team we were playing tonight but the "highlights" that are being spotlit in this thread aren't anything worth being proud of." - RunwatDawg55

"First series the snap hits hunter lee in the arm while in motion. It's plays like this that makes losing teams." - Dixonfor6

"We were out of this game before the 1st quarter ended. We NEVER competed." - maddawg

There's a reason why they call it the agony of defeat. Losing is seldom easy and never rewarding. When you can't even come away with some moral victories then it makes the six days in between the loss and the next game seem just about as long as the offseason.

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