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Oklahoma Sooners Release Initial 2014 Depth Chart: Where Is Frank Shannon?

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the release of the depth chart today, the Oklahoma Sooners settled that argument Matt and I were having as to why Blake Bell was taking snaps at quarterback. Clearly I was wrong and forfeit the point that was at stake so...congrats buddy, you take home the prize!

After starting eight games under center, Bell cemented himself as a competitor for the starting tight end position. Word coming out of camp consistently painted the former quarterback in a good light as he took to the new position without any major hitches. Apparently, the hard work has paid off as the coach staff awarded Bell with the No. 1 spot over Taylor McNamara.

Yet, the biggest news may be the absence of Frank Shannon's name from the depth chart. Could that mean that his appeal of the one-year suspension failed? Possibly, but I'm not willing to speculate at this point. What we currently know is that the university is unable to enforce their decision at this juncture in time.

Here's what head coach Bob Stoops had to say on the subject:

In other news, critics raved about the potential of Michiah Quick in the slot but in the end, it's KJ Young, the redshirt freshman, getting the nod in the home opener. Split to the outside, fans can find Sterling Shepard along with Durron Neal. Sure, this group possesses young talent but that talent spills over into the two deep proving Oklahoma simply reloads at WR.

Again, there appears to be no clear cut decision as to which running back takes the field on August 30th as the situation lists as Alex Ross or Keith Ford.

On the defensive side of the ball, Ahmad Thomas slides into the open safety spot while freshman Steven Parker finds his name as a backup at both the free safety and strong safety positions. The expectation for Julian Wilson was to move into a role that he was recruited for...cornerback. As a senior, he finally found his way over and should be a nice addition in securing one of, if not the best defense in the conference.

The complete depth chart can be found at Sooner Sports.