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Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach Bob Stoops On SEC Comments - "Get Over It!"

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Stoops has been in the headlines over the course of the last two offseasons due to remarks made about the SEC. Before the 2013 season he suggested that the idea that the SEC was the best conference was "propaganda," thus insinuating that the conference wasn't as good as advertised. Knowing the comments didn't settle well among the SEC faithful, Stoops may have become the most hated man in the southeast when Oklahoma downed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

The Sugar Bowl was an opportunity for the SEC to watch Stoops eat his words, but instead they watched the Crimson Tide eat 45 Oklahoma points. Now Stoops is still bagging on the SEC, but he's doing it with a bit of a "been there, done that" smirk on his face.

In response to Nick Saban's comments last week that he had to talk his team up for playing a consolation game against the Sooners, Stoops took the opportunity to go for a second verbal salvo on the conference that has seemingly taken more heat than his 2013 comments did.

When asked in Saturday's media session if he regretted making the comments, Stoops replied with a quick, "Get over it!" Stoops responded to the light chuckling in the room by adding, "Again, where am I lying?"

Confidence seems high in Norman this early August and, based on how the 2013 season ended, you really can't blame Stoops and company. The challenge comes on August 30th when Oklahoma has to show that their mentality isn't based off what they did last year, but what they can do this season.