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Oklahoma Sooners Running Back Joe Mixon Suspended For 2014 Season

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We said on Sunday night's edition of the Sooner Nation Podcast that today would be a big day for Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon, and that's exactly what it has been.

Mixon was in court today for a misdemeanor charge stemming from a July 25 altercation. He is charged with one count of an "act resulting in gross injury" in which he allegedly punched a 20-year old woman in the face. Following the arraignment, Mixon was released on his own recognizance and no bail was set.

On Monday afternoon the university announced that Mixon has been suspended for the entire 2014 season. He will be allowed to remain in school but will have no activity with the team. Many are linking the suspension to Ryan Broyles who was suspended for the 2007 season. However, it should be noted, that during Broyles' suspension he was allowed to workout and practice with the team. Mixon will not have that ability.

The decision to suspend him came after Bob Stoops and Athletic Director Joe Castiglione met with Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn and brings a close to the saga that has been ongoing since July 25th. The Sooners will enter the 2014 football season with sophomores Alex Ross and Keith Ford taking the top two spots and true freshman Samaje Parine as the third guy in the rotation.