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Oklahoma Sooners Running Back Joe Mixon To Be Charged With Misdemeanor

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The Norman Police Department wrapped up their investigation into the incident where Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon allegedly punched a woman in the face. The results of the investigation will lead Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn to charge Mixon with one count of an act resulting in gross injury, a misdemeanor charge, rather than a felony assault and battery.

A misdemeanor doesn't mean that Mixon is off the hook, or back with the team. In fact, football should still be at the back of his priorities as the charge, if convicted, could result in a one-year sentence. That said, one of our law enforcement contacts told me this afternoon that, in cases like this, the suspect is most likely looking at a deferred, or suspended, sentence plus a fine if the defendant has no criminal history.

With classes set to start on Monday the next big question is, how will Bob Stoops respond? At this point the university is not issuing a statement but you can expect something soon. It would also be safe to expect a statement from Mixon or his attorney at some point today as well.

I would think that it is safe to assume that this means Mixon will stay with the team. Just a question as to how much longer it'll be before he gets the opportunity to hit the field.