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Oklahoma Sooners Football Scrimmage Notes | Eric Striker Leads The Defense

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The Oklahoma Sooners held their final scrimmage of camp on Thursday morning and here's what we were told.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With classes set to start on Monday, Oklahoma's summer football camp will come to a close of Friday. In an effort to gauge improvement and give youngsters/newcomers one final opportunity to make an impression, the Sooners held one last scrimmage on Owen Field Thursday morning.

We were told that quarterback Trevor Knight has completely taken control of the offense and is playing with a level of confidence he hasn't shown before. That's not to say that he played perfect but that he is seeing the defense better, changing plays with confidence, going through his progressions, and making good decisions.

Going through his progressions is the key here, in my opinion, because it means a couple of things. First, it means that he really is comfortable and isn't rushing things. Secondly, it means that he's not zeroed in on one receiving target. The, "Duh" statement of the day is that opposing defenses are going to focus on taking away Sterling Shepard. The response to that is Knight has to have trust and patience to check down, so that he doesn't force bad throws, and it sounds as if that's what he's doing.

Where Alex Ross was the buzz following Oklahoma's first scrimmage, this time it was Keith Ford. We were told that he ran strong and was a key factor in moving the ball. We were also told that he made the biggest impact of all the running backs today.

What does this mean for the season opener? I think it means exactly what everyone has been saying for several weeks now, both Ross and Ford will play and both have been strong in camp.

The star of the scrimmage today though was Eric Striker who was an absolute beast. Coming off the edge, he was able to record a sack and also had a pick-six for the defense. We're told that he's playing with attitude and has become the vocal leader of the defense, "Travis Lewis style."

Info is hard to come by and that's all we got from today.