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Delays In Mixon Investigation Testing The Patience Of The Sooner Nation

A delay is the last thing that anyone is looking for when it comes to Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, but that seems to be what is taking place. On Monday the expectation was that a resolve could come by week's end. However, the Tulsa World's Guerin Emig reported earlier this morning that Norman Police don't anticipate filing their investigation report until later next week.

In an email to the Tulsa World, Norman Police Captain Todd Gibson issued the following statement.

"We are not any closer to making an arrest," Gibson said, "and would anticipate having documentation to the Cleveland County District Attorney sometime late next week."

With players reporting today, and practice set to open tomorrow morning, the timing couldn't be worse. Oklahoma's coaches are waiting on the filing to make their decision (and rightfully so in my opinion) and players are trying to figure out if they'll share the field with this kid or not come August 30th.

Then you've got the fans who are starting to show a bit of anxiety as well. Check out the some of the responses to Emig's Tweet on the story.

Obviously you want the investigation done right, and you want to to be fair to both Mixon and the alleged victim. However in order to do that the authorities have to be thorough, and unfortunately that takes time.