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911 Tape Provides No New Information On Joe Mixon Case

First and foremost, let's give the proper credit due to the staff at The Oklahoman for the outstanding job that they've done with covering this story. Earlier today the DOK's Ryan Abner published portions of the 911 call that was made by an employee of Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe after the altercation that Joe Mixon was involved in.

However, outside of the drama of the situation, the 911 call provides us with absolutely no new information into the saga. The caller fails to identify himself or the person who threw the punch. He does state that, "Some girl just got clocked in the face," but then admits that he didn't see the altercation. "I did not see the guy myself," the caller told the 911 operator. "I was in the back when it happened. A few people did see what happened that are still here."

He also confirmed that the alleged victim, Amelia Molitor, was bleeding from the mouth and that he thought that she was intoxicated. Again, these are all things that we already knew!

The only tape that I'm honestly interested in is the video that shows exactly what happened. Unfortunately that's the one that isn't being released right now because of the ongoing investigation.