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Former Sooner Commit Verbals to Longhorns

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Du'Vonta Lampkin was at one time the 3rd commit on the class of 2015. Following his commitment to the Sooners, Lampkin picked up offers from LSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, OkState, and the Longhorns.

Lampkin's recruitment took a turn for the worse after he visited for the spring game. He tweeted

Lampkin at that time still said that the Sooners were his number 1 school, but as OU continued to recruit additional players, it became clear that no only Lampkin but the Sooners were headed in different directions. Many have questioned where Lampkin would play in the Sooners 3-4 defense. In spite of checking in at 6'4" 306lbs. many saw him as a player better suited for a 4-3 defense as opposed to a 3-4.

Lampkin recently released a top 3 that contained Texas, LSU, and the Sooners, but the writing was on the wall. He shut down his recruitment after a recent visit to Texas and today verbally committed to the Longhorns. He made it official via twitter with a picture that will make most of you want to throw up.

The Sooners have absorbed the loss of Lampkin with the recent additions of Mann and Jacobs.

The Sooners also are still in on elite prospects like

Gabriel Campbell 6'6' 250lbs

Takkarist McKinley JUCO 6'3" 250lbs (probably a Jack/OLB)

Deonte Reynolds JUCO 6'5" 325lbs

Darrion Daniels 6'4" 284lbs

Neville Gallimore 6'3" 303lbs

With the depth the Sooners have along the DL the loss of a player like Lampkin will be minimal. He will also have a much earlier chance to see the field with the Longhorns, as they have depth problems across their defensive front.