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The Baylor Bears Should Be The Best Offensive Football Team In The Big Twelve For 2014

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

To be honest, the Texas Longhorns offend just about everyone around them which would, in fact, make them the most offensive team in the Big Twelve. However, the type of offense that we're talking about in this post is the type that consumes yards, frustrates defenses, and scores points. In 2014 the Baylor Bears should be the best at doing all of those things, based on our offensive position rankings.

The Bears have the combination of quarterback Bryce Petty and a receiving corps, featuring Antwan Goodley, that ranked in the top spots of our rankings. Baylor earned a #2 ranking with their offensive line and running backs to give them a strong advantage over the rest of the field.

Our position rankings points are like golf strokes. The fewer you have the better off you are.

School Offensive Line Receivers/TEs Running Backs Quarterbacks Total
Baylor 2 1 2 1 6
Texas 3 2 1 5 11
Oklahoma 1 5 3 4 13
Texas Tech 5 4 7 2 18
O-State 4 6 4 6 20
WVU 7 7 5 7 26
K-State 9 9 9 3 30
TCU 8 8 6 8 30
Kansas 10 3 8 10 31
Iowa State 6 10 10 9 35

Despite the crack at the top of this post about Texas, the Longhorns check in with the second rated offense based off their receivers and running backs. Despite the dismissal of Joe Bergeron, Texas still has the top two rushers returning. The key to UT moving forward in 2014 will be the development of the quarterback position. They have all of the pieces in place to be one of top offenses in the conference if the quarterback pans out but they could also free fall, as we've seen in years past, if they have a weak signal caller.

The Sooners are the third rated offense according to our rankings with the big question mark being around the receiver position. Oklahoma could be explosive on offense this fall but they'll need to do it with a bunch of fresh faces at the skill position spots.

In my opinion, Texas Tech is the only other offense that is capable of competing for the conference title. Yes, they are only two points better than Oklahoma State but that may as well be a gap the size of the Grand Canyon. The biggest difference between the Red Raiders and the Cowboys is at the quarterback spot where Tech draws our number two ranking in the conference.

With the top four offenses running in competition for the conference title, the immediate question pops up, "What about the defenses?" Yup, we're about to get to that!