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No News Is Possibly Good News For Oklahoma's Joe Mixon | Warrant Issued For Alleged Victim

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The long weekend wait is over but Monday only revealed that the investigation into the incident involving Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon, where he allegedly punched a woman in the face, will continue through this week. Contrary to previous reports about the Cleveland County DA's office conducting their own investigation, it is the Norman Police Department that will be handling things.

What does this mean for Mixon? Well...we're still unclear but you'd at least thing that there isn't enough evidence, at this time, for charges to be filed but there is enough evidence for the police to look further into the incident. Mixon's attorney is expected to meet with police investigators today to review surveillance video of the incident and investigators are wanting to interview up to ten people, including Mixon.

While there was no specific news released Monday on Mixon, it was learned that a bench warrant has been issued for the alleged victim, Amelia Molitor. Public records available on indicate that a warrant for misdemeanor counts of controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia in a moving vehicle.

It is important to note that previous legal history/trouble bears no weight on the outcome of this investigation outside of possibly making it difficult to interview the alleged victim. Pure speculation on my part here but I would think that the warrant is the reason why Molitor quickly left Oklahoma after the incident.

If charges were to be filed as a result of this incident they won't come until later in the week.