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Oklahoma Sooners Running Back Joe Mixon Could Be Facing Charges By Monday

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The situation isn't looking very positive for Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon. A day after his alleged assault of a woman, in a local restaurant, the Norman Police Department is still gathering information for its investigation.

The alleged victim, 20-year old Amelia Rae Molitor, told The Daily Oklahoman that she suffered four broken bones in her face as a result of a punch thrown by Mixon. While the police report of the incident didn't identify a suspect, we do know that at the center of the investigation is Oklahoma's five-star running back.

"You have to remember that its always innocent until proven guilty," an unnamed source with the Norman Police Department told me on Friday night. "However," the source continued, "Monday could be interesting." When I asked if the police were aware of where Mixon was the source told me that they were not looking for him and did not know his location.

Mixon is cooperating with the investigation through his lawyer, Norman defense attorney Kevin Finlay. The fact that Mixon has hired a defense attorney would lead you to believe that perhaps he does expect charges to be filed. Those charges could come by Monday according to the source that I spoke with. The police department is reviewing video of the incident that was provided by the establishment where the incident happened and then will be a factor in determining what action to take.

"Due to the nature of the injuries and the situation itself, I would imagine that aggravated assault would be the charge...if police decided pursue the charges," my source told me. It appears as if Monday is the day that we would most likely find out where this is leading. Personally from what I've read, seen in the news, and have been told I don't see how Mixon dodges this.