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Oklahoma's Bob Stoops Fires Back At Alabama And The SEC

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You just gotta love this time of the year. With football just a little over a month away everyone is getting edgy and perhaps just a little bit grumpy. A day after Alabama's Nick Saban issued his excuse for losing to the Sooners in the Sugar Bowl, Bob Stoops had a clever, and somewhat mocking, response.

"They didn't look like it was a consolation game on that first drive when they scored a touchdown and everyone thought they were going to rout us," the Stoops said in an interview with ESPN. "I've been in plenty of those [non-national title games]. We've played in a bunch of national championship games, right? ... That's a good one."

Not feeling quite finished, he went on to bag just a little more on the non-championship game factor.

"So that means I've got a built-in excuse the next time we don't play for a national championship?"

Not limiting his salvo of one-liners to just Saban and the Crimson Tide, Stoops took a shot at Texas A&M's non-conference schedule as well.

"They have Lamar, Rice, SMU and Louisiana Monroe," Stoops said. "Boy those are all a bunch of toughies, right? We have nine conference games. So if (A&M) was fortunate enough to be in the SEC championship game, they would play nine conference games at the end of the day and they have all those four 'toughies' to go with it."

You can cue the, "We beat you in the Cotton Bowl!" response from the Aggie fanbase now.

You kinda get the impression that Stoops is getting a little tired of the SEC act.

Read the ESPN article about Bob Stoops' comments here.