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2014 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 81 Days

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In 2012, an 81-yard punt return by Jalen Saunders helped the Sooners defeat the Cowboys in the annual Beldam Rivalry.

Brett Deering

Facing a possible third home defeat of the season as the time continued to tick off the clock, the Oklahoma Sooners found themselves with their back against a wall. Find ways to keep up with a high-octane offense like the one the Oklahoma St. Cowboys brought to Norman in 2012 was no easy task. Playing from behind all night, OU needed a miracle...

...and a miracle is what they got. Jalen Saunders waited for the punt to arrive before taking off for the endzone in a display of agility and patience. The play swung a bit of the momentum to Oklahoma's side as the two teams continued to duke it out. However, the Sooners would ride off with the victory after a hard fought run by Brennan Clay in overtime.