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Predicting The 2014 NFL Draft | Which Oklahoma Sooners Will Go & Where?

Gabe Ikard is ready to join a group of 65 players who have been drafted under Bob Stoops. Who will go with him though?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Stoops has had 113 players, who played for him at Oklahoma, join NFL teams with 65 of them being drafted. Now he's ready to send a fresh crop of players into the league to represent the Sooner Nation.

The 2014 NFL Draft gets underway on Thursday and if you're watching interest only involves seeing names called from the University of Oklahoma, then you may want to tune in on the NBA Finals instead. It may be a year of slim pickens for OU players, but that's not to say there won't be Sooners who take on careers playing a game that they love.

By my calculations, there are fourteen guys (no underclassmen) who are saying goodbye to Norman in hopes of relocating to an undisclosed city where thousands of fans will pay to watch them on Sundays. There's a better chance of Vince Young attaining a decent score on the Wonderlic test than there is of all thirteen guys making a roster, but you can't knock them for trying. Here's our best stab at who may end up where.

WR Lacolton Bester (6-0/205) - He thinks there's a , "70-75%" chance he'll go, but unfortunately I don't see his odds being that high. Bester only managed 421 receiving yards at Oklahoma (Granted the position was stacked) and was not a combine invite. At Oklahoma's pro day he ran a 4.56 forty and had a 37-inch vertical. The problem is that there are potentially 325 receivers available to NFL teams this year. With a smorgasbord that large, there's going to be some good talent left untouched.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent

RB Brennan Clay (5-11/202) - There hasn't been a better "team" guy in Norman than Clay. He's the kind of kid that you can't help but root for. He's got a nice burst to top speed and also catches well out of the backfield. He doesn't have the body to be an every down back but there are a lot of guys who make long careers from being a third-down specialist. They don't always get drafted though.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent

CB Aaron Colvin (5-11/186) - There's no doubt that his injury at the Senior Bowl was a setback, especially for a guy who has to become more physical in the NFL, but Colvin is pretty much a lock for the draft. He excels in one-on-one coverage, has a high football IQ, and isn't in a mismatch against taller receivers.

Prediction: 7th Round Pick By San Francisco

CB Kass Everett (5-9/188) - Wasn't used a whole lot at Oklahoma and is a small body corner with moderate speed at best.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent

RB Roy Finch (5-6/177) - Oklahoma fans will always wonder what could have been with this kid. He's got great speed (4.42 forty) and balance. He's a slasher who can make defenders look silly but there's a question mark about him that will make GM's scratch their heads. Why didn't he play at OU? If the issue (as many assume) was unable to pick up on schemes and assignments then his stint in the NFL will be very short. Someone will take a chance on a free agent contract though.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent

TE Brannon Green (6-2/271) - A powerful blocking tight end who has the ability to slip out on short routes, Green was used primarily in run packages at Oklahoma. He's not a guy who will bust down the seam on you, but he can slip out in short yardage situations.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent

C Gabe Ikard (6-4/304) - A four-year starter at Oklahoma, Ikard made waves at the combine when he recorded the best 20-yard shuttle and three-cone time of any of the offensive linemen there. Ikard is a natural leader who is a fighter in the trenches. He has great use of his hands and enough upper-body strength to steer defenders.

Prediction: 4th Round Pick By Detroit

FS Gabe Lynn (6-0/206) - If Lynn had another year of eligibility it would have been perfect for him. After being shuffled around on defense for most of his career, he finally found a home at free safety. He's not the fastest guy on the field but is a ball hawk and a powerful hitter. Another year in Norman and he's a lock to get drafted.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent

OLB Corey Nelson (6-0/231) - Had his senior season cut short with an injury but was still an impact player. He has decent speed (4.56 forty) and good size for the prototypical NFL outside backer. There are 182 prospects at his position and he certainly belongs in the top fourth of those. Questions about the injury will prevent him from going higher than he should though.

Prediction: 7th Round Pick By Tennessee

FB Trey Millard (6-2/247) - There isn't a player who saw his draft stock fall due to injury more than Millard. He has top two round type speed, skill and athleticism, but his knee injury will result in him being a mid-round pick. Whoever takes him will be getting a steal on a guy who can do it all out of the backfield.

Prediction: 4th Round Pick By Minnesota

WR Jaz Reynolds (6-2/201) - Reynolds only has himself to blame for not being a higher ranked NFL draft prospect. His off the field mistakes cost him playing time in college on multiple occasions, and despite having an NFL body, hands, and speed, GM's will find him to be an "at risk" prospect.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent

WR Jalen Saunders (5-9/165) - He may be a small guy but he's a huge playmaker. His speed allows him to be a threat as a punt returner or as a slot guy. He's not going to overpower the average NFL corner or safety but he's a master at finding holes in the zone or beating a guy in one-on-one with an inside move.

Prediction: 5th Round Pick By Cincinnati

RB Damien Williams (5-11/222) - Its never a good thing to be dismissed from your college football team but Williams has too much upside to not take a shot on. He's a burner with sub 4.4 speed in the forty and has the hands to be a dual threat out of the backfield.

Prediction: 7th Round Pick By Philadelphia

LS Austin Woods (6-4/283) - Another guy that you just can't help but root for. He has a chance to make a roster as a long snapper and could end up with a long NFL career. He'll have to go the long way around to get there though.

Prediction: Undrafted Free Agent