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Gabe Ikard Tangles With Oklahoma's Compliance Office Again

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, Gabe Ikard had a run in with the University of Oklahoma's compliance office over a large serving of pasta. Far removed from the incident, it appears that Ikard tangled with the compliance office yet again, this time over his girlfriend per initial reports from

Ikard, often found sitting court-side during the Oklahoma City Thunder playoff games thanks to his girlfriend's tickets, has come into question once again. Of course, the University began to take notice resulting in an over the top affidavit.

They did some digging and I'm actually compliant official with my girlfriend. We had to sign a signed affidavit that she was not dating me just because I was a football player. They kind of drafted it themselves. I said she just likes big guys, just accept it. - Gabe Ikard

While speculation continues as to whether this is from the NCAA or just OU's Compliance Office. However, it points to one fact. Given the history of multiple Oklahoma Sooners programs receiving some form of probation in recent years, it is understandable as to why Oklahoma is over the top about compliance.