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My Top Five | Best Oklahoma Sooners Football Wins | #3 - 2008 Texas Tech Game

To qualify for the top five, it has to be a game that you attended in person. That said, what are your numbers five, four, & three?

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Date: November 22, 2008

Location: Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Score: Oklahoma 65, Texas Tech 21

Synopsis: Oklahoma led just 7-0 after the first quarter but exploded for five second quarter touchdowns to put this game to bed before the half. DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown ran for over a hundred yards each and combined for five touchdowns. Sam Bradford connected on 14 of his 19 passes for 304 yards and four scores. It was the perfect storm against a Tech team that came to Norman ranked #2 in the nation. The Sooners tallied up 625 total yards of offense and averaged eight yards per play.

Defensively, Oklahoma was just as dominant. The Sooners sacked Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell four times and intercepted him once. The Red Raiders managed just 45 rushing yards, in twenty-two attempts, against Oklahoma's stifling defense.

Why is made my list: There was a lot of uncertainty going into this game. We knew that Oklahoma was good, but so was Texas Tech. With most everyone expecting a close/shootout type game, the blowout was a pleasant surprise. Bob Stoops had implored the Sooner Nation to bring the noise and to be a factor. The 85,000 plus who were in attendance did just that, which also prompted one of my all-time favorite Oklahoma football memories.

I've been attending Oklahoma football games since 1984 and that was the loudest I could remember the crowd ever being. However, the moment would be rivaled by my #1.

So...what's your number three?

#5 - 2002 Big XII Championship Game

#4 - 2007 Miami Game