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Weekend Round-up | Draft Day Sleepers You Want On Your Team

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QBs, overall health in OU summer spotlight | Brandon Chatmon | ESPNDallas

Most eyes will be on redshirt freshman Cody Thomas and true freshman Justice Hansen as they battle for the backup job behind Knight. But don't overlook the importance of the summer for Knight, a redshirt sophomore. The summer months and competitive workouts could help Knight's continued development as a passer and decision maker. In addition, it's an opportunity for Knight to really emerge as a key leader for the entire team, not just the offense.

Sooner O-line still has some growing pains | John Shinn | The Norman Transcript

One of the most pressing issues OU has is finding a third tackle to spell Thompson and right tackle Daryl Williams. The Sooners didn't have one they were comfortable with last season. That was obvious when Thompson went down late in the year and Bronson Irwin had to move from guard to tackle.

5 Sleepers You Want Your Team Taking on Draft Day | Jacob Shubert | Total Sports Live

In this entire draft, the sleeper I have the most confidence in is Aaron Colvin. Projected to be a late 1st or early 2nd round pick, Colvin unfortunately tore the ACL in his right knee during Senior Bowl practices. While he should be ready for training camp in 2015, most teams are disinterested because he will have no impact in 2014. This is the kind of insane gap in long-term thinking that gets General Managers fired. The draft is about the future. No team should stack their draft board in a manner that prioritizes the upcoming year over all subsequent seasons. That's insane. If you ask me if I rather take a corner in round 4 who can be adequate this year and then above average for the rest of his career or a guy who won't play at all this year but has first round ability I'm taking the latter every day of the week.