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Sooners Routed 14-4 | Drop Third Consecutive Baseball Series

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For the second time in their last three conference series the Sooners find themselves trying to avoid a sweep going into Sunday. What started off as a promising Saturday afternoon in Lubbock turned into an absolute nightmare for Oklahoma.

OU took a 1-0 lead over Texas Tech in the top of the third when Hector Lorenzana knocked in Kolby Carpenter, and then they doubled it up in the fifth when Carpenter knocked in Hunter Haley. Leading 2-0 going into the bottom half of the fifthOklahoma completely fell apart, as Tech scored ten runs on ten hits in the inning.

With all the win taken out of their sails, OU went three-up-three-down, thanks to a double-play, to start the sixth and then Tech's Tyler Nelsony led off the bottom of the sixth with a solo home run over the left-center wall. There was no doubt about the outcome of the game, at that point, and everything else was just a formality.

The Sooners plated two more runs in the top of the eighth but you could hardly call it a rally as Tech responded with two more of their own in the bottom half.

The hope was that this series would be a turning point for Oklahoma's season, which has gone south in the last month, but it only added more frustration to a young squad that is now seriously fighting for their post season lives.