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Campus Insiders' Top 5 Oklahoma Football Plays Of 2013 | Agree Or Disagree?

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Brennan Clay makes the list, but what about Oklahoma's defense?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The folks over at Campus Insiders have put together the Top Five Plays of Oklahoma's 2013 football season and passed it on to us for observation and thought. Here's a look.

Obviously the first thought is that there's no Sugar Bowl highlights. That was the biggest game Oklahoma has played in since appearing in the BCS championship after the 2008 season, and there were quite a few big plays there as well. In a season that had so many key plays, its hard to narrow it down to just five but, while they did a solid job, I'm wondering where the defensive plays are? No Corey Nelson touchdown against Notre Dame, or Eric Striker knocking the ball...well..just insert your favorite Eric Striker play here ______________?

As for the five plays they selected? They are solid, each and every one of them! You could have easily had three from the Bedlam game had they chosen to include Saunders' punt return, but two is enough and I'm not sure that I could validate replacing one of the plays they included for the put return. Personally I would have flip-flopped their #3 and #1 but that's just me. Overall, not a bad list, and not a bad way to spend three minutes of your day. What do you think?