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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Trevor Knight A Heisman Hopeful?

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Throughout this past season, the Oklahoma Sooners' offense struggled to find an identity. Often relying on a set of quarterbacks while trusting Brennan Clay to earn the hard yards, OU ran to a 10-2 regular season record. Not bad for a rebuilding year. However, everything came together for the offense in New Orleans as Trevor Knight dismantled a stout Alabama Crimson Tide defense. Completing 32-of-44 pass attempts for 348 yards, the freshman began to erase doubts of the future at quarterback. The focus has now turned toward the upcoming season.

As the unquestioned leader and starter at quarterback, can Knight make a push for the Heisman Trophy? Let the debate commence...

Braden Gall of Athlon Sports has the Oklahoma quarterback listed as a longshot saying,

Trevor Knight will be a victim of expectations following his big-time Sugar Bowl performance against Alabama.

Sports Day DFW's Alex Apple went on record stating

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Trevor Knight showed his potential in the 2014 Sugar Bowl when he amassed 348 yards passing against an Alabama defense that averaged yielding only 180 passing yards per game.

Knight will now benefit from an entire offseason where he is the unquestioned starter at quarterback and leader of the Sooners. If Knight can muster such impressive statistics against a Nick Saban defense, what can be do in a full season against the Big 12?

Our own SBNation mothership voiced their opinion of Knight and his chances of winning the Heisman by labeling him a darkhorse. Andy Hutchins had this to say,

If Knight can keep up [the] level of play [from the Sugar Bowl] - which would be surprising, though the kid did absolutely torch Alabama - there's enough talent around him at OU to do very interesting things in 2014.

While many agree that Trevor Knight makes the early watch list, the common theme seems to be that expectations will be his downfall. Let us know where you stand on the issue in the comments section below!