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Oklahoma Sooners Football Spring Recap | Dimitri Flowers Does, In Fact, Play Like Trey Millard

Bob Stoops has a gem in fullback Dimitri Flowers and he let the world get a glimpse in Oklahoma's spring game.

Streeter Lecka

Expectations are always high in the spring. Returning players are supposed to get better and new players are supposed to make a big splash in their least from the fan's perspective. That's why it didn't seem as if Bob Stoops did any favors to Dimitri Flowers when he suggested that the early freshman enrollee was the second coming of Trey Millard.

Flowers came to Oklahoma, from San Antonio, as the 85-ranked player from the Lone Star state. had him ranked as the nation's #5 fullback prospect and Rivals had him as the nation's 45th ranked athlete. He's a jack of all traits who can run, block, and catch...but is he really the second coming of Millard?

Flowers from the TE position

Our first glimpse of him, in Oklahoma's Red/White game, was a drag route across the middle. He started in the tight end position and came completely across the field to make an athletic catch.

Flowers out of the backfield

Then we see him make a big play coming out of the backfield as the Sooners were in the diamond formation. Once again he showed great athleticism and pretty good speed.

What about his blocking though? Yep, its there as well. Check him out on this play as he comes from being lined up next to the quarterback to lead block for Keith Ford. Flowers seals off corner Dakota Austin to allow Ford to pick up a few extra yards on the play.

There isn't a whole lot that you can usually take away from a spring scrimmage. In the modern era of coaching paranoia, television, and social media, spring games are pretty vanilla on both sides of the ball. Many of the top players end up sitting out on these contests as well so you usually don't even get a good look at the player personnel either.

That said, there's one thing that we can take away from Oklahoma's spring game, Dimitri Flowers is going to play a key role in the Sooner offense. You could see it in the multiple ways that he lined up, you could see it in his play-making ability, and you could see it in the concern in Bob Stoops' face when he went down with an injury late in the game.

Trey Millard was the epitome of what it meant to be a team player. He was versatile enough to be a threat from multiple spots on the field, and humble enough to play each of them as needed. Flowers seems to be cut in the exact same mold, both mentally and physically.

"I just want to come in here with my versatility and do as much as I can," Flowers said after the spring game. "Whatever needs to be done, I'll step in and do it." That's the attitude that has won Bob Stoops and his coaching staff over, and it the mentality that'll win the fans as well. The only other way he could have looked more like Trey Millard, in Oklahoma's spring game, would have been for him to hurdle a few guys. He seems to have everything else down already.