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Sooner Fans Go "Scoreboard" On 'Bama Safety Landon Collins

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Sean Gardner

In the world of sports there are winners and losers, and then there are sore losers, and Alabama safety Landon Collins is turning out to be be the later. In an interview posted on on Thursday, Collins said that the 45-31 loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl has been motivation for the Tide's defense this spring.

"That just fires it up, because we know what type of defense we are," Collins said. "We already know what we are capable of. Just to hear that we got picked apart by an offense that shouldn't have been on the field with us, that's a disgrace to Alabama defense. We need to pick it up from that standpoint." -

My initial response to Collins was that there wasn't a story here because the kid was just venting from a loss that obviously still stings. I mean, come on, how many of us Oklahoma fans honestly expected the Sooners to post 429 yards and 45 points in the Sugar Bowl? The issue wasn't with what Collins said initially but rather what he said after the story published.

Obviously OU fans, and players, were going to take exception to the comments, and when they did, Collins didn't do anything to really help himself out. Instead, it turned into a massive Twitter war where just about everyone looked bad...especially Collins.

When you publicly call out team with a fanbase the size of Oklahoma's, you have to expect a little backlash. That's where Collins went wrong though. Instead of backing away from his comments, or just calling it a heat of the moment discussion, he stepped it up a bit and stuck to his guns that Alabama was better.

Well the truth is...Oklahoma beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. You can't take it back and you can't change that. That box score will live on for ever and it will be printed in every Sugae Bowl media guide from now through eternity. That's not the truth Collins wanted to talk about though. He also didn't want to talk about the Sooners' 3-1-1 record against Alabama either. Instead, he chose to Tweet about all kinds of things that had no bearing on the Sugar Bowl outcome.