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Oklahoma Sooners Linebacker Frank Shannon Accused Of Sexual Assault

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Its never fun to post these types of stories/updates but news is news and you might as well read it at a friendly site rather than from a rival's. Our friend Jason Kersey, from The Oklahoman, reported on Wednesday night that the "personal issues" that linebacker Frank Shannon was dealing with was a sexual assault allegation.

The Oklahoman obtained the report and published many of the details regarding the incident that allegedly took place after a party on January 20th. Its important to note a couple of things about this before casting judgement, or even rushing to defense.

First, there are two completely different versions of the story. One of the paints Shannon in a bad light and the other makes the alleged victim look bad. At this point the entire situation is literally the classic he said/she said.

Second, no charges have been filed against Shannon. This is an important part for both fans and detractors to understand. If it reaches the point where charges are filed, and he is found guilty, then he deserves to pay his dues to society. However, if this turns out to be a girl trying to make an issue out of a wanted relationship with an athlete then she's done irreparable damage to a young man's character.

For now we're reserving judgement on either side here at CCM, just because its the wise thing to do, and we would recommend that you would do the same.