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Red & White Game Injury Updates | Stoops Comments On Flowers And Grissom

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Mark D. Smith - USA Today

Oklahoma's spring football game provided a couple of scary moments on Saturday afternoon when two key players went down with knee injuries. Geneo Grissom was injured on a chop block from Keith Ford and freshman Dimitri Flowers went down with a knee injury late in the game. During his post game interview Coach Stoops addressed both injuries.

"We got lucky with Geneo has an injury, a sprained MCL, which will heal and he will be in a brace for six weeks." Stoops said. "He should be able to start once we get back in June. No operation when that's the case. Dimitri just had a hyper-extension and didn't show any ligament damage. Fortunately that's the case. That's always the downside or the part that can really bother you in the spring game is to lose somebody. Fortunately, we got away with it. Everybody should be set back to when we start our primary conditioning and strength and speed training in June."

Expectations are high for both players this fall. Grissom produced 40 tackles, 4.5 sacks, an interception and two fumble recoveries in 2013. He's expected to be a standout on the Sooner defense again this fall and Oklahoma could ill afford to see him go down with a serious injury.

Flowers had been drawing praise from Coach Stoops going into the spring game with the Sooners boss even comparing him to former fullback Trey Millard. His four catches for 40 yards had him looking very much the part until his hyper-extension removed him from the game.

Obviously it goes without saying that both injuries being minor is a good thing. Both Grissom and Flowers will be able to resume workouts in the summer which means that the injuries won't impede any of their progress. Oklahoma fans know all too well how much a injury to a key player can change a season and can be thankful that the team dodged a bullet on Saturday.