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Oklahoma Sooners Spring Football Preview | Who You Won't See | Jersey Number Changes

Brett Deering

This list of football players that will not participate in Oklahoma's spring drills isn't that extensive but there are some big names on it none the less. Not wanting to rush the healing process, the OU coaches have decided to play it safe by leaving the following players out of the spring workouts.

Junior Defensive Tackle Jordan Phillips - Has yet to fully recover from a back injury he suffered against Notre Dame.

Senior Guard Adam Shead - Has not fully recovered from the back injury that sidelined him late in the season.

Senior Offensive Tackle Tyrus Thompson - Has not fully recovered from late season injury.

Senior Safety Julian Wilson - Underwent off season shoulder surgery. 

If there's a silver lining in these guys not being a hundred percent this spring its found in the fact that younger guys like Hatari Byrd, Charles Walker and Christian Daimler, among others, will get a stronger look and more experience under their belts.

If you're trying to find your favorite player during the spring game then you may want to be aware of the following jersey changes.

Pos Name Old # New #
LB Dominique Alexander 42 1
WR Austin Bennett 83 8
WR Austin Brown 81 87
WR Dannon Cavil 6 7
OT Sam Grant 81 76
G Dylan Hartsook 73 64
FB Joe Palange 41 47
WR Jordan Smallwood 80 17
WR KJ Young 85 1