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Time Is Running Out To Join CCM's Bracket Buster NCAA Tournament Challenge

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Alright that's the longest, and most official sounding, name that I can come up with to describe a pick'em contest that's really more about pride than anything else. I our winner lives in, or near, the OKC Metro area then we can hook him or her up with some gift cards to the amazingly awesome Sooner Legends BBQ. Even if you don't live in the metro you may still want to collect the gift card for your next trip in.

Its never been easier to join our contest than it is right now. Just follow these two simple steps and you're in!

1) Sign into your Yahoo account

2) Follow this link

3) Click on, "Join Pool"

Yup, its that easy! Good luck and Boomer Sooner!!!