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MBB | Oklahoma Sooners Sweep Two Rivals For First Time In Big XII History

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in it's 18 year existence, the Big XII witnessed the Oklahoma Sooners sweep both rivals in a single season. The in effectively moves Lon Kruger and company to 21-8 on the season and 10-6 in conference, currently good enough for third. Here are a few knee-jerk reactions and thoughts:

  • With the backcourt Oklahoma possesses, no one will want to play this squad in the post season as this team could do some damage. I'd be willing to say they make it out of the first round in the NCAA this year.
  • Isaiah Cousins continues to grow as a player after being moved to a wing spot having one of the best overall games of his career.
  • Let's go ahead and throw this one out there...although the Big XII claims the top conference in the nation, it's officiating crews continue to prove to be subpar. There's just no way around it at this point.
  • Biggers teams continue to have success against Ryan Spangler and Cameron Clark. Two Texas Longhorns combined for 30 points, Cameron Ridley and Jonathan Holmes, both post players.
  • When OU shoots 40% from range, it doesn't matter if they get out rebounded or not. It also won't matter how many points in the paint the opposition had. You can't trade 2-point buckets for three-pointers all day and expect to win.
  • The Sooners are deceptively good on defense. Although it hasn't been the strong suit all season, active hands in passing lanes turnover the opposing team. The effort allows Oklahoma to get out in transition, a strength they have.
Be on the look out for a recap of today's game against the Longhorns coming later! Until then Boomer!