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Marcus Smart Shoves Fan In Upset Loss In Lubbock

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, this is a site dedicated to covering the Oklahoma Sooners. However, an event transpired last night that may very well shake up the basketball scene in the Big XII Conference.

With seconds to go in regulation, Marcus Smart, the Oklahoma St. Cowboys star, found himself trailing Jaye Crockett as the Texas Tech Red Raiders broke out into transition. Guard, Robert Turner dribbled up court at break neck speeds with numbers in his favor. A dish, made cross court, hit Crockett who subsequently went up for the go ahead jam. Just before flushing the attempt, Smart was able to break up the play from behind, his momentum carrying him into the crowd.

So what happened next? See for yourself...

Throughout his career, Smart has been heavily criticized. Just a few weeks ago, the pressure in an era of social media proved to be too much as this talented guard cracked, kicking a chair. Following the incident, Smart went on record apologizing to his teammates indicating the situation would never play out again.

Yet, here we sit with the future of a preseason All-American hanging in the balance. Frustration is a part of the game. Fans yelling obscene things in the face of the opposition happens across the globe. But, one thing is for sure, players putting their hands on fans never turns out well (just ask Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace). All signs are pointing to a likely suspension.

Oklahoma St., assuming a suspension sentence is handed down, will be without their top two point guards after Stevie Clark was dismissed earlier this year. It begs the question, how hot is Travis Ford's seat going to get? Perception around the nation is that Coach Ford has lost control of his program. Riding a 4-game losing streak (one win in the last six outings) doesn't bode well moving forward either.

The Cowboys are set to play at Texas before traveling home to take on the Oklahoma Sooners on February 15th in Bedlam 2.0.