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The Biggest Need for the Class of 2015

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 class now in the books, it's is never too early to look towards 2015. Recruiting never stops and the Sooners are already actively recruiting players for the class of 2015. Every class looks to fill specific needs, but there is no need bigger than the offensive line in next year's class.

6 players will exhaust their eligibility at the close of the 2014-2015 season. This includes both starting OTs (Tyrus Thompson and Daryl Williams). This leaves the depth at OT razor thin, as OU will return Derek Farniok, Josiah St. John, and Christian Daimler to go along with the signees in the class of 2014 (Kenyon Frison, Joseph Paul, and Orlando Brown). Many are concerned about Brown's ability to qualify. This makes the offensive line priority number 1 for the class of 2015.

OU has already made significant strides in the class of 2015 to address this issue. OU has two verbal commits on the OL for the class of 2015.

Bobby Evans 6'5" 260lbs of Allen, TX (younger brother of 2014 LB Tay Evans)

Josh Wariboko 6'3" 310 lbs. of Oklahoma City.

OU will likely sign 5-6 (depending on whether Orlando Brown qualifies) players along the offensive line in the class of 2015. One of these will undoubtedly be a JUCO transfer. It's pretty obvious that OU should find the biggest, baddest, meanest JUCO offensive lineman in the country and make him a priority for the class of 2015.

Numerous offers have already been made to players who fill out the remaining slots for the class of 2015. OU has offered and appears to be in good standing for the following players.

Jalin Barnett 6'4" 310lbs. from Lawton, OK. Barnett already holds offers from OU, OSU, Alabama, Auburn, and Stanford. Most assume that OU leads in a major way for Barnett.

Toby Weathersby 6'5" 280lbs. from Houston, TX. Weathersby holds offers from OU, Florida, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech.

Conner Dyer 6'5" 280lbs. from Mesquite, TX. Conner is the teammate of 2014 signee Jonathan Alvarez. Dyer holds offers from OU, Baylor, Oregon, UCLA, TCU, and Stanford.

Andre James 6'5" 275lbs. from Herriman, Utah. James holds offers from OU, Arizona St, Oregon, UCLA, Wisconsin, and Washington.

Keaton Sutherland 6'6" 280lbs. from Flower Mound, TX. Sutherland holds offers from OU, Ark, Texas, Baylor, TCU, TTech, and Clemson.

George Brown 6'7" 260lbs. from Cincinnati, OH. Brown's offer list is almost too numerous to list alongside his OU offer. Brown will have his pick of school from the likes of Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Texas, Mizzou, and Wisconsin.

Connor Lanfear 6'6" 270lbs. from Buda, TX. Lanfear is a current commitment to Texas, but his commitment is very soft. He recently attended junior days at both A&M and OU. Lanfear holds offers from OU, A&M, and Baylor.

There are other numerous offers but I would expect that the OU's class of 2015 is made up of players from this list. It's a long way to February 4th, 2015, but the Sooners are well on their way to filling out the most pressing need for the class of 2015.