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Bob Stoops National Signing Day Press Conference: Blake Bell To Tight End & Baker Mayfield To Walk-On

Wesley Hitt

The Oklahoma Sooners have received 26 letters of intent with a few surprises. On the heels on a successful morning and afternoon, Head Coach Bob Stoops held a press conference to discuss some of the on-goings inside of the program. To start things off, Stoops commented on the effect the new coaches have had on recruiting.

However, the topic quickly shifted to the future of quarterback Blake Bell. While I initially thought the transfer of Kendal Thompson removed any notion that Bell would move over to tight end, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Bell certainly has the size and physicality to play tight end. But, let's not fool is completely different position than quarterback. If the coaches have faith in him, then I cannot refute that. So, where does a guy like Taylor McNamara fit in now?

The official roster has been updated to include Bell as a TE.

On another note, Coach Stoops addressed the idea of Baker Mayfield walking-on as a Sooner.

Does this mean that Texas Tech and Ryan Gosling Kliff Kingsbury are ready to release Mayfield? If so, the quarterback situation gets a little bit more complicated down the road.