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Oklahoma Sooners Recruiting | Bob Stoops: "He's Not Committed If He's Still Taking Visits"

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Courtney Garnett took in one final official visit to Notre Dame spurring the Oklahoma Sooners' head coach to make a statement. Now, Joe Mixon is said to have been at UCLA this past week as SoonerNation has been put into a panic mode.

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With the recent upstart to the recruiting scene, Bob Stoops continues to stick to his guns. Recruiting the nation in hopes of finding the next great Oklahoma Sooner certainly has its ups and downs as the story unfolds. As the recruiting season winds down, a few top targets remain uncommitted including Michiah Quick and Kenyon Frison.

The process is all but over with National Signing Day kicking off tomorrow. Recruits wrapped up their tour of official visits this past weekend. However, the tendency is to put all of the eggs in a basket based on a single visit or least for the fan. Could something unexpected be lurking in the shadows? Possibly. But, while the fans may be thrown a curve ball, the coaching staff will not succumb to the same mindset.

He's not committed if he's taking visits. And we tell him that. Then we say, 'Well, if that's the case then you're not committed to us.' We don't accept that commitment. We'll keep recruiting guys at your position. You're kidding yourself if you think that's a commitment. - Bob Stoops via Tulsa World

It's obvious the remarks are aimed at current commit Courtney Garnett and possibly Joe Mixon (the same applies to Deondre Clark in the minds of the Sooners' coaching staff). Just five days after verbally stating his allegiance to Oklahoma, Garnett was found taking an official visit to South Bend.

Questions continue to swirl around the issue of if Garnett will actually sign with Oklahoma. If it were me, I'm not sure I would be on board if a coach told me "we'll keep recruiting guys at your position." I guess we'll just have to continue to wait until a letter of intent is signed and received by either Notre Dame or Oklahoma before we officially know the answer to that question.

On another note, Joe Mixon, the Sooners' prized recruit was reported as taking an official visit to UCLA this past weekend. As expected, the news caused quite the stir but Mixon is on the issue attempting to reassure Oklahoma fans.