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Olive Garden Mocks NCAA/Gives Gabe Ikard A Pasta Feast


There's no need for us to tell you how ridiculous the NCAA can be at times are already full aware. Willing to make millions of dollars off of college athletes, the NCAA does an outstanding job at making sure that the men and women providing the entertainment for their bankroll don't receive any unmerited benefits, such as a second helping of pasta.

After Ikard and teammate Austin Woods were required by the NCAA to pay $3.83 to a charity, for overeating pasta at a team meal, the former All-American center took a little shot at the NCAA by Tweeting that he and Woods enjoyed the pasta so much that they though it would be more appropriate to donate $5.00 instead.

Not shy in looking for a marketing ploy, and loving pasta about as much as Ikard does, Olive Garden decided to step in and take some jabs at the NCAA as well. The Italian food chain offered to sell Ikard a t-shirt that says, "I love pasta" for the same $3.83 price that was tagged by the NCAA.

In the Twitter exchange that ensued Ikard said the magic words that would lead to a bountiful harvest of his beloved pasta.

Not realizing the weight of his words, Ikard and his friends were welcomed at the NFL Combine, in Indianapolis, by an entire table of pasta and bread sticks courtesy of his new pals at the Olive Garden.

The two biggest things that stand out to me from that photo are the reflective glow of whoever is sitting on the bed and then that massive pile of bread sticks to the left. Everyone knows that Olive Garden's signature is their bread!

Anyway, it appears that pastagate has come to a conclusion with Ikard and Olive Garden getting the last laugh and the NCAA looking like...the NCAA. Well played guys, well played.