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CCM's Favorite Super Bowl Commercials | Doritos | Transformers | Doberhuahua

The game itself failed to deliver on the hype, as Seattle cruised to a 43-8 win, but that doesn't mean there weren't some entertaining moments during the breaks. Here's the rundown of CCM's favorite commercial spots.

Christian Petersen

Because I was a child of the `80's, I had to show some lover for Radio Shack bringing back ALF, Hulk Hogan, Teen Wolf and many others in this spot.

Again because I was a child during the 80's, I thought that Transformers were cool. Yeah, I guess I still do.

Doritos has had a decent corner on the Super Bowl commercial market for a few years now and they scored again this year with the time machine.

It seemed to be a down year for Super Bowl commercials all together but, hands down, one of the best commercials to grace the television screen in quite some time was the one and only, "Doberhuahua" brought to us by Audi.