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NCAA Says "No Going Back For Seconds!"

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners have recently self-reported a few NCAA violations according to NewsOK. Violations can be found not only against the football program, but also against rowing, golf, basketball, and baseball. However, no one could have anticipated a line item that made the list...

Clearly, going back for seconds is considered a "no-no" during a graduation banquet. After the fact, the NCAA went on record with ESPN citing that no infractions were incurred for eating too much pasta.

"While we appreciate Oklahoma's commitment, there are no NCAA rules regarding portion sizes, and any penalties were determined by the university," NCAA spokeswoman Meghan Durham said in a statement.

The story continued even though no players were initially named in the incident. Gabe Ikard was the first who confessed throwing Austin Woods out as another culprit.

It appears that the third party remains a mystery for the time being. Let me remind you that these are two players who lineup on the offensive line...needless to say, big boys gonna eat!