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Friday Q&A | Talkin' Bedlam Football With Pistols Firing Blog

Could we please have a moment of silence for this being the last Friday of the college football season?.....OK Now let's talk Bedlam.

Brett Deering/Getty Images

Kyle Porter and the Pistols Firing Blog has long been our favorite stop for an Oklahoma State perspective so naturally that's the first place we turn to when it comes time to talk Bedlam. Is he going to call for the epic upset?

CCM: I feel that we have to start the Bedlam discussion with quarterbacks. The Sooners are on their second quarterback and the Cowboys are on their third. Dave Hunziker told me on Wednesday morning that both Garman and Rudolph have shared snaps but that he'd be shocked if it wasn't Rudolph starting. Do you agree with him and what's the advantage of one quarterback over the other?

KP: I've had multiple friends/fans/etc. text and/or email me that Gundy should be fired in the locker room before the game if Rudolph isn't the starter. Like, they shouldn't even let him go out on the field. That's how strongly our fans feel about this.

It's hard to tell from just one game but it would appear that Rudolph is far better than Daxx is but that's only part of it -- the bigger thing is that he's the unquestionable future of the program and as we all know a Bedlam win can be the kind of launching pad into the stratosphere for a franchise QB like that.

Daxx probably throws a better deep ball (I guess) but Garman appears better in almost every other area. His reads are better (as in he actually makes them), his touch is better, and usually his decision-making is superior. He can also run. We're all all in.

CCM: The Cowboys are 8th in the Big 12 in rushing yards per game this season. They've typically been much better than that so what gives on the ground game this year?

KP: No offensive line. They actually have a pretty dynamic trio in Roland, Tyreek, and Childs but there's just nothing going on up the middle of the field.

Since Dana came in 2010 OSU has always used the pass to set up the run -- it has always desired to run above all else. Now they can't pass (or haven't been able to until the Baylor game) which means there is no setup for the run. They just flail about.

CCM: Is the OSU offensive line vs the Oklahoma defensive line the biggest mismatch in this game? Why or why not?

KP: Uh yes. The OSU offensive line might be facing a mismatch in the Stillwater High School Powder Puff game. Not only is it the biggest mismatch but it's also the biggest key. If OSU's line can just be average (average!) then it can be competitive with OU on Saturday.

CCM: Samaje Perine is winding down a record-breaking freshman campaign and will absolutely be the spark plug for Oklahoma's offense on Saturday. Give us your defensive game plan.

KP: Not this.


I think what they'll do -- and Berry Tramel noted this earlier in the week -- is load up the box a little and just pray their young DBs can handle Cody Thomas. I'm not sure they can (pray for Ramon Richards) but you're just playing percentages at that point.

CCM: The injury bug set up residence in Stillwater this season. With the multiple injuries considered, how big of a disappointment will it be if the Cowboys don't qualify for a bowl this season?

KP: I'm not sure injuries have as much to do with what will be a massive disappointment as starting out 5-1 does. Did you know time: OSU will join 2014 Kentucky as the only teams since 2009 to start 5-1 and not make it to a bowl game.

CCM: Mike Gundy seems to be wearing on a few O-State fans and O-State itself (along with the local media) seems to be wearing on Gundy. What are the chances of this being his last Bedlam game as the OSU head coach?

KP: Not high. I'm of the mindset that the status quo is almost always overwhelmingly the favorite for what will be reality in [given time period in the future] and that's an even better bet when your coach has a Big 12 title under his belt and may or may not be able to tell you all the states that border Oklahoma.

Unless he gets canned (which would be even more ludicrous) then Gundy is in it for the long haul in Stillwater.

CCM: Prediction time. Tell us how you see this game shaking out on Saturday afternoon.

KP: I think you know me well enough to know by now that I'm not in any way a homer and I almost always pick OU in this one-sided affair...but...I can see Rudolph making magic in Norman and Tyreek hasn't been heard from in a while. He won't go quietly into the night.

I think OSU is going to pull the upset 31-27.

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