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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Does the Bowl Loss Hurt the Class of 2015?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone wants to know if a loss of this magnitude will result with decommitments, and wreck the class of 2015. While it's impossible to know for sure, the reality is that a big loss doesn't effect recruits nearly as much as you would think. While it could cost a recruit or two, the reality is players chose a school for any number of reasons (friends, relationships, playing time, and the ability to win, etc....)

Several of the verbal commits took to twitter to express their continued commitment to the Sooners.

1. Kahlil Haughton

2. Will Sunderland

3. Kenneth Mann

4. Dede Westbrook

Further OU has a chance to add 3 players to the class of 2015 this week as Neville Gallimore, Anthony Wheeler, and Josh Wariboko will be committing to the school of their choice at the Army All-American and Under Armour All-American game. While a loss could change things (I'm not predicting it will), the Sooners could easily add 3 difference makers in the class of 2015 this week. Gallimore has offers from programs such as FSU, Ohio State. Bama, Oregon, Auburn, USC, and Florida to go along with his Sooner offer. Anthony Wheeler is down to Texas, LSU, Baylor, and OU. According to many OU is the leader. Josh Wariboko is down to OU and UCLA and many consider this a coin flip. I wouldn't bet against the hometown team.

Don't jump off the bridge just yet with the Sooner program. The coaches have a ton of work to do, but closing out on elite talent in the class of 2015 could go a long ways to fixing messes like we saw on the field tonight.