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Monday Morning Bulletpoints - 12-29/14

Sooners vs. Team That Intentionally Wears Orange

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

  • Happy Monday, Sooners fans! And welcome to the (probably-) penultimate Monday Morning Bulletpoints! It’s a big one for me, personally, as it’s the only one that I’ve done so far that is also a GAMEDAY Monday! Next bulletpoints on the list is a year-end recap, but for now, let’s set our sights on Clemson.
  • The storyline for the game, of course, has been the Clemson Defense versus the Oklahoma offense. The Venerated Venables versus the Oklahoma Often. I submit to you, dear Bulletpoint Reader, that this is entirely the wrong thing to consider…. This game will be decided by the CLEMSON OFFENSE VERSUS THE OKLAHOMA DEFENSE!
  • You may have heard that Clemson’s defense is the best in the nation. Oh, you’ve read that article, have you? Quaint. Now let’s talk about Clemson’s offense. With a true freshman stud, these guys were ballin’. Unfortunately, DeShaun Watson is out, having had ACL surgery, and the his-mama-loves-him senior QB Cole Stoudt comes in, boasting an interception ratio almost double his touchdown ratio.
  • Feeling good? Well, don’t. The Oklahoma defense – remember when it was what was going to propel us to the playoffs? – has well and truly been exposed. Specifically for quarterbacks. Oklahoma has quietly produced the nation’s 10th best rushing defense in the nation, but our passing defense has been abysmal. (As if I have to tell you that.) Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris left for SMU, so if I’m the incoming OC? Find where Ahmad Thomas is, and pass that way and enjoy your free yards.
  • Incidentally, Hofeld and DeCray’s last podcast? Best they’ve done this year. It’s as long as a movie, but it’s Soonerific.
  • Unsung Trevor Knight versus the #1 defense in the nation in a bowl game… stop me if you’ve heard this one before.
  • Keep the name Michiah Quick in mind today. After Shep went down, he’s quietly been our #1 receiver. With the Tigers focusing on #3, he might find himself in space. And next year, he’ll be vying for playing time with DeDe Westbrook. DGWho?
  • You remember this play? I’m guessing Venables and Clemson do….
  • Knight TD catch
  • If we lose this game, by god let it not be because of penalties. We’ve been a yo-yo in that regard. As it comes to special teams, I think we have an edge.
  • All right, Sooners fans? I’m challenging you. I’m double-dog daring you. Cheer for your team. Cheer for your, “OMG we’re only 8-4 the sky is falling fire everyone!” team. Cheer for your Sooners. Cheer for Bell and Ripkowski and Grissom and Hayes and Hunnicutt and Shead and Thompson and Ndulue and Williams and Wilson and all the boys playing their last game in crimson and cream. Throw your beer down in disgust at an interception and throw your beer up in victory with a touchdown.
  • Being an Oklahoma fan is a special thing. It’s like being a USC fan without feeling dirty. It’s like being a Notre Dame fan without feeling 80 and symptoms of angina. It’s like being a Nebraska fan without having to serve corn at every meal. It’s like being a Miami fan without having to shoot anyone to prove it. It’s like being more than a Boise State fan – we’ve beaten Oklahoma more than once. It’s like being an Oregon fan – we, too, have been given games by referees. It’s like being a Florida State fan, except our quarterback would have brought down our entire program. It’s like being a Texas fan, but… (fill in your own answer in the comments).
  • In short, two things: 1) Beat Clemson! They wear orange on purpose. 2) Taco Bueno. (It’s become a joke for my columns, I really should get paid for this.)
  • Peace and love, Sooners fans! For the last time this college football season for us, it’s gameday. Let’s beat orange. It’s our divine duty as Sooners.