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Must See Play | Bahamas Bowl Ends With Central Michigan Hail Mary Pass & Failed 2-Point Conversion

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

After trailing Western Kentucky 49-14 at the end third quarter, the Central Michigan Chippewas set out on a mission. Owning the fourth quarter, the Chippewas made an unanticipated push in their attempt to claim the inaugural Bahamas Bowl crown. Finding themselves down a mere touchdown with one second remaining on the clock, the unthinkable unfolded...

Quarterback Cooper Rush dropped back to pass as the game clock hit double zeroes. Scrambling around in the pocket, Rush throws up a prayer to who other than wide receiver and favorite target, Titus Davis. Coming down with the ball secured and tucked away, the Chippewas must find a way to gain an extra 15 yards after the catch in order to cross goal line. Of course, Central Michigan utilizing only option continuously pitch the ball backwards.

Bouncing around from player to player, the ball finally lands back in the hands of Davis who sprints emphatically for the endzone. As defenders surround the receiver, Davis dives toward the pylon while crossing the goal line in what potentially could have gone down as one of the greatest comebacks.

Instead of opting for overtime by taking the extra point, CMU decided to go for the 2-point conversion and the win.

In my opinion, the decision will go down as one of the worst. Why? Simply put, Central Michigan had all the momentum after scoring five consecutive touchdowns in the fourth quarter while holding WKU scoreless. Take the field goal and most likely a win in overtime.

Unfortunately for the Chippewas, their comeback bid ended with the failed conversion as Western Kentucky walked away with the win. I have to agree with Jake Trotter on this one...

Regardless, could this be the single greatest play of the bowl season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.